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Building a Wall

Keller Family

The Keller Family

The following is a post by Kelly Keller, also known as KellKell, a moniker  that was first coined by her high school students some years back, one which has stuck with her through five children, two cross-country moves, and …

Lean In this Father’s Day

ultimate fathers day

The following is a post from Dr. Robert Zeitlin,  psychologist, speaker, and author of parenting book, Laugh More, Yell Less, used with permission from

An UNCOMMEN Father’s Day Gift

UNCOMMEN Shirt Offer



We are excited to announce a new partnership for us, and an opportunity for you!  After much feedback from friends, we have finally designed a cool women’s T-shirt, and a new sporty red color men’s T-shirt. …

Loving My Wife ‘Til the Ship Goes Down

Today’s post is by author, speaker, and pastor, Jody Burkeen. Jody is the father of 4, husband to his wonderful wife, Nan for 25 years, and pastor at Ignite Church, in Eureka, MO. 


Tough …

An UNCOMMEN Launch Party


3. 2. 1. Launch

It doesn’t take a whole lot to get a movement going.  With a little over a hundred men at UNCOMMEN’s launch party last Tuesday, a movement is about to pick …

Seed20 and the Progress of Pain

Seed20 Live with Friends


Seed20 2015 Participants. Photo courtesy of RODNEY SCOT PHOTOGRAPHY


A few months back UNCOMMEN accepted a challenge: apply for a competition called SEED20. Every year, …