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How long has it been since we…”

Has your wife ever started with those words and you knew what …

Turn Your Spouse’s Criticisms into Clues

Be on Time

What does “around six pm” mean to you?

It’s crystal clear to me. After my dad and I chucked papers at o dark thirty every morning we would eat breakfast, get ready for work and school respectively, then he’d head out the door …

How to Win Your Wife

Do you remember any books you read from the 5th grade? Maybe it was a Choose Your Own Adventure tale, 101 Ways to Eat Fried Worms, or the one about a

Brew Your Bride


She likes it hot. Her coffee that is. Every morning at 6:30 am, her alarm clock goes off and she hits the snooze button. At 6:33 I attempt to gently …

Mother’s Day


An UNCOMMEN Mother’s Day Gift

There’s an old joke that goes something …

Body Maintenance


Maintenance Vs. Repair

Physical Training is Bodily discipline, something that should be a part of our daily life. It builds over time. It looks different in different seasons …