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Center Stage


The Stage

When is my chance on stage? When will people look to me for advice and consult? Heck, “Why won’t people listen to me?” Have you wondered any of these …

UNCOMMON Leaders Fail Fast


UNCOMMON leaders fail fast.

Did you know that half of all tackles made in the NFL are by guys who have already fallen down?

An ancient proverb says, “But the righteous falls seven times and rises …

Priorities & Big Rocks


A motivational speaker closed her conference by bringing a big clear cylindrical container on stage. She filled it with a few big rocks. Then she poured in …

No Job Title No Problem


So it’s 2016, and you’re hoping to make this year’s resolution stick.  You know the one where you take better …

Year Review – What a Year 2015 Has Been!

2015 Year Review!

year review

Incredible. As I do a year review, incredible is how I describe 2015 for UNCOMMEN. We started out with the dream of affecting myriads of families by launching, “a mobile app to combat the jacked up …

An UNCOMMEN Way to Show Your Appreciation

Bright Lights

This Christmas, there is much to be thankful for and my family is at the top of my list. My wife in particular, Amanda, has been a bedrock of support for me at home, in …