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Real Wellness


Real Wellness

We all know well that wellness is a term that’s thrown around a lot right now. We hear about corporate wellness, personal wellness, …

Stress and Fitness

Stress. How Are You Coping with It?  Is it Killing You?

Life and stress – they go hand in hand. You will experience lots of stress in your life. There is no getting around it. I believe that the degree to which you effectively manage and cope with the stressors in your life will, to a very large extent, determine the degree to which you are healthy. When you turn to …

Fitness and Your Future

prayercircleIt was the Spring of 2013. My wife was in the hospital for at least the fifth time. Some months earlier she had suffered a stroke for no …

The Swish Talk


March Dadness Championship Round: The Swish Talk

This is the year that everyone, including the analysts predicted chalk across the board in the NCAA Tournament. There wouldn’t be any …

Inside Jokes & Dolphin Slippers


March Dadness, Round #3: Dolphin Slippers

“So, Kenny, what would you think about having a brother or sister?” My mom asked with …

March Dadness, Round #2: Difficulty of Fatherhood


March Dadness, Round #2: Difficulty of Fatherhood

Picture this. It’s the second grade and math class is in …