1. Stop Chasing the Myth

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    Our lives are full of myths. Old wives’ tales. Superstitions. Here a few of the more popular myths.

    - Most of your heat is lost through your head.

    - Gum takes seven years to digest.

    - Sugar causes hyperactivity in kids (really?).

    - Lightning never strikes twice.

    - Peeing on a jellyfish bite will make it hurt less.

    None of those are true, despite any anecdotal information to the contrary. Trust me—I looked them up. We avoid walking under ladders or change paths if we see a black cat. You might worry if you break a mirror or feel more confident in your lucky underwear.

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  2. The Transformative Power of Accumulation

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    I'm not a free thinker. I prefer reading what others have to say, organizing ideas and making connections. So this post isn't as much original writing as it is highlights from a few books (and one video) that have inspired me.

    I particularly like reading about people who are good at what they do. One of the most fascinating things about high performers is how much consistency exists across disciplines. High performers in sports, business, the military and every other field are all the same. Their big secret is there is no big secret; they are regular people who choose to do small things well, day after day, year after year, all pointed in the same direction.

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